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Uchuu Kyoudai

Posted: November 25, 2012 in Animes
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Mutta’s life has hit rock bottom. He’s been fired, blackballed from his profession and now he’s had to move back in with his parents. Meanwhile, his kid brother Hibito has been literally riding a rocket and training to be an astronaut. The same career Mutta once dreamed of. So, is it ever too late to go after your dreams? Through a little coercing and a bit of covert activity, Mutta’s family and friends can get his resume on the right desk, but from that point on it will be up to Mutta himself. Does he have what it takes to turn his life around and put his footprint on the moon? The first step on the highway to the stars is always the hardest, and in a job where crash and burn isn’t just a euphemism, it will be the biggest risk Mutta’s ever taken. But with the best support team ever, maybe he’ll find what he needs to rekindle the spark inside him and light the biggest candle of them all! 

Art: 80/100

Story: 92/100

Quality: 88/100

Overall: 90/100

It’s an anime where you’ll follow their past and how they live right now. It’s interesting thinking that it’s based on NASA and the galaxy theme. A hard theme to concur but they definitely succeeded. The art is kind off a let down. If the art would’ve been better I’d bet that it’d become a big hit. But the art fits in with the anime anyways so I’d recommend this definitely!