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Posted: June 2, 2012 in Animes
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Art:  54/100 <———– Rather unusual art 

Story: 89/100<———– Good story abit confusing

Quality: 77/100 <———– Detailed still needs some polish on angles

Overall: 65/100 <———– Recommended for romance anime peoples



I came to think that the art is rather strange, it’s a never seen before art for me. The arm and legs are extremely long and they’re all very tall. But the face is beautiful unlike other anime. Typical old art faces. The story is funny and fine. Most of them have some sort of backgrounds or some tragedies. The female protagonists are just a bit annoying sometimes, but I like the one with black hair (Nana black haired). There are two girls named Nana just in case you don’t get confused that’s why the title is Nana I believe. I haven’t finished watching this anime. And I don’t get the feel of showbiz in it. Many people has said that this is a romance anime with a showbiz side-kick but it doesn’t really feel like it.