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Posted: June 16, 2012 in Animes
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Art: 92/100

Story: 96/100

Quality: 89/100

Overall: 95/100

So I’ve been watching this anime and  I must praise them for the originality. SO good story too. Find it funny sometimes. And Ciel and Sebastian are likable characters. Find the ending a bit disappointing and sad. And things happened all the times. And caution some people might run into something you didn’t believe at first. Well what I like about Ciel was that his personality wasn’t like a child’s, because he’s a child but acts like a master-adult, strong and determined to do something. Sebastian is strong and not weak and some kind of scary yet protective. Maybe you’ll fine the ending disappointing like me. 



Posted: June 8, 2012 in Animes
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art: 96/100

Story: 88/100

Quality: 85/100

Overall: 92/100

So hyouka is still on-going so I can’t fully report about this anime. This anime has beautiful art! This is much about mystery if I said it right. Well I don’t know if the anime has mysteries as the base of this anime. But it’s really difficult to come into this anime. Since the explanations for their theory are tooooo hard to understand. But it’s fun to watch.