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Art: 7.5/10 <———Old art still good, detailed

Story:  9./10 <————Really interesting and fun

Quality: 8/10 <——-  The football needs to get polished a little bit more!

Overall: 8.5 <———-Recommended if you like old art and like a bit of childish art too!

So I’ve watched Whistle, it’s very realistic there haven’t been any super shoots so far. And some scenes are “3d” animated I believe. But it’s to childish for me but enjoyable such as Gakuen Alice. The voices are a bit uncomfortable. I would actually wish for the voices to scream at some parts since the voices doesn’t have a naturally feel to it. The dribbling are very realistic so are the strategies. Still wished that the protagonist started of with being not so lousy at soccer, but it’s very fun to see how he’s upgrading each time and each episode.


Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

Art: 8/10 <——–Not old not new

Story: 10/10 <———–Really fun and easy to understand!

Quality: 8.5/10 <———-So much action on the field, very fun to watch!

Overall: 8.9/10 <———– Typical super football techniques in here, art is beautiful but would like to see more of it!

A sports anime based on football. Nothing special at all but you still want to follow the anime and watch more. Strange huh? Well I found many characters annoying there. And the coach for the protagonist team/main team resembles the coach at Giant Killing for the main team. So alike! The players all have some kind of background or something that has happened to them. I like it recommended for those who like some bit of old art and sports anime


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Art: 81/100<———– it has it’s own taste I guess

Story: 64/100 <————– To be honest the story wasn’t superb!

Quality: 94/100 <————-Amazing music and effects really catchy!

Overall: 78/100 <————-Good, recommended for those who like tournament animes and prodigies!

An anime about mahjong. This were an unique anime about mahjong. The protagonist were a calm, smart and a prodigy at mahjong. I love when they discover a prodigy. But the it were really ugly art, what I meant was the blushes on the girls! That caused me to think at some moments that this were yuri. I really hopr that wasn’t what they intended to do. (more…)

Art: 62/100 <————Old old art, muscle sport anime type!

Story: 77/100 <————-Nothing special

Quality: 92/100 <————- Awesome action on field and is unique

Overall: 82/100 <————For those who want to try sports anime for the first time!

So slam dunk was indeed an interesting anime, actually this was my first sports anime I began to watch. This were my reference to try to compare with the other animes. Although I think that the other sports anime were great slam dunk was a big storm for me. The action they show while playing basketball, and some actual playing tactics. And they didn’t do any unreasonable ultimate attacks. I hate sports included with love though, I can’t deny that. The fact doesn’t change that the included love in this. Although this would’ve been better off without love. And the story was amazing and the whole idea. I actually like the calm black-haired guy (forgot his name). He was cool and good at basketball. And the protagonist the red haired guy is very typical sports guy in my opinion, but overall the score is above average.

Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Club

This anime had the greatest protagonist (main lead) the girl called Hana Suzuki. She has this Kiri  in Beauty Pop feel. She likes to eat and such and doesn’t care about boys. The art is a bit old but nothing to really bug on.  And Hana her personality is great, and you can never hate her. And it’s involves love the most and a bit of hockey. I myself think that this manga is awesome. And I really like the characters in it. And it’s so funny too! (more…)


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This were on of the best sports anime that’s been made, I myself thinks that this anime is hard to come into and eventually some people will stop watching in the middle of it. But don’t drop off, I watched the whole thing and I got amazed by the two last seasons. You get so easily excited and it also shows the hardships with an career as a sportsman. I myself thought that it was a bit frustrating when the protagonist (main person) lost sometimes. But   I like how they draw the whole baseball matches and you learn so much from baseball.  And the whole anime is based from his childhood and to his adults life, so don’t get confused and so on. Wish you good luck on this anime.


Honda Shigeharu is a Major League batter on the rise. His son Goro is a Little League pitcher who one day hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps. Hoshino Momoko is Goro’s schoolteacher, and the first woman Shigeharu has been interested in since the death of Goro’s mother. The destines of these three individuals will become intertwined as father and son experience both heartbreak and triumph on the baseball diamond. But when an unspeakable tragedy visits the family, it will take everything they have to pick up the pieces and reclaim their dreams.

Eyeshield 21

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Eyeshield 21/hiruma is the blond guy 


This were the best anime I’ve seen! No doubt about that! This is about a sport called American Football and you learn so much of this sport while watching this anime, the greatest character here is Hiruma the quarterback, his a devil and likes to make fun of others and is the most funniest person he’s really reliable as the founder of the main team (the team that this anime’s focusing on). I enjoyed this and re-watched this plenty of times. And I strongly recommend this one! (more…)