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Art: 82/100 <———Typical shoujo art and beautiful, it’s detailed and wonderful

Story: 67/100 <———–Own opinion but there is a story but nothing I’d feel easy to understand

Quality: 75/100 <————Not bad not super good

Overall: 72/100 <———–For shoujo fanatics and teen girls


Long time no see! So I’ve read a lot this weekend.  This manga has definitely good art. Still on-going though. The story is great and there’s a love triangle. Many bishies are appearing so stay tuned. But I wouldn’t call it a reverse harem. Since the reverse harem has some things that has to be contained to be “reverse Harem”. I’ve read the whole thing and the female protagonist is something to look on. She’s interesting and fun. Maybe not like all the others shoujo girl but she’s a perfect girl. Strong enough to protect herself she has a wonderful personality. Recommended for those who like strong female protagonist (caution she’s crying sometimes). I have a grudge against crying shoujo girls but trust me this one is readable.


Switch Girl

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Art: 82/100 <——— When she wears makeup is beautiful but otherwise nah!

Story: 92/100 <——— It’s original and interesting

Quality: 84/100 <———-Fine I guess

Overall: 83/100 <———–Interesting and fun and pretty much like real life, shoujo type!

I found t out about this manga recently and started to read it. The girl protagonist is interesting, but a typical shoujo girl that cries. But she’s strong enough to at least protect herself. It gets a little bit annoying when the girl actually cries that many times. I don’t like girls that cries over a guy that much that’s in my opinion but yeah..This manga is funny and has some humor sense in it. so It’s a manga about a girl that’s actually ugly wears make-up and becomes the most popular person in her school, but a boy that actually handsome wears glasses to hide himself. They both falls in love and so on.  This is much about the school life and how we are today. And I definitely agrees. Because the outside gives the inside a chance, that’s how it is.

 Couldn’t find a better picture but I’ve read the first chapter, and I think it’s worth reading! It’s about art from my perspective and reverse harem it seems like 🙂 


Stay tuned for mo info O(^.^)O 

Wonderfull idea, great art and the main girl lead is awesome and calm and doesn’t fall for other boys so easy I like girls like that 🙂

Fujioka Haruhi won a scholarship to attend Ouran Academy, a school reserved for the rich and prestigious. Despite what other students may think of her, Haruhi cares little for physical appearances or the fact that she is a commoner. Unfortunately for Haruhi, her high school days took a turn when she stumbled upon the Host Club, an elite club for the super rich and beautiful boys who use their specific traits and charms to entertain young ladies. Even worse was that Haruhi had accidentally broken an 8 million yen vase in the club. Unable to repay her debt with money, Haruhi found herself with no choice but to work for the Host Club, becoming a male host herself.

I watched this and this is about romance and drama, I even cried at some parts well this isn’t so recommended if you are a boy 🙂

Risa and Otani are always being laughed at as the comedy duo. Risa, a girl, is taller than the average girl, and Otani, a boy, is shorter than the average boy. The two are always bickering and even their teacher sees them as a comedy act. But as their friendship develops, so do Risa’s feelings toward Otani.

Skip Beat! review

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So I got another review to watch this anime.

Story: 8/10 <———- It’s quite an unique story, about how she wants her revenge. 🙂
quality: 10/10 <———The characters are indeed detailed painted and beatuiful art.
Overall: 10/10 <———- Recommended to watch although I wished for more episodes!
(read the manga and found out what happeneds next)

The story revolves around a young girl named Kyouko who went with her childhood friend, Shou, to Tokyo to pursue his dream of becoming an idol. Despite of supporting him, she overhears him dismissing her as boring wallflower. Furious, Kyouko vows to get her revenge to defeat him by entering the entertainment world.

Great music, and that they actually put in real times composer like Chopin songs in this anime. Reverse harem but focused on music (classical)

Hino Kahoko is a student whose school is divided into two branches – the Normal Branch, in which students wear grey uniforms, and the Music Branch, in which the students wear white. The school’s tradition is a music competition, but it it more common that students from the Music Branch are chosen to compete. Kahoko is surprised one day to encounter a fairy named Lili. Solely because she is the only student to see him is she the only student from the Normal Branch to be in the competition.

Kahoko doesn’t have any musical knowledge, until Lili grants her a magic violin, one that anyone can play if they believe they can truly do it. Kahoko must now face the trials of the competition, her competitors, and her peers.