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Mawaru Penguindrum


Art: 89/100 <———–Amazing art, fantastic still needs to be polished!

Story: 76/100 <———–Interesting pick and combination!

Quality: 92/100 <———-Background impressive and effects!

Overall: 82/100 <————For those who like love, mysteries I believe and a bit of randomness!


A anime I’ve watched, interesting maybe a bit to confusing sometimes. I really like the characters personality. Wonderful art were the first thing that came in my mind while watching this.  A good opening song too.  There’s a bit of mysteries and action.

So It’s hard to tell you about what’s good and not good. In my opinion there are some flaws in this anime. Can’t find the words for it though. Maybe you’ll realize if you watch it. It’s a bit slow, if you know what I mean. (The penguins are so Kawaii)


Three siblings, twins Kanba and Shouma, and the in-and-out-of-the-hospital Himari who’s in poor health, live together at the Takakura home. One day, when the siblings are out on a trip to the aquarium, Himari collapses. The doctors state that nothing can be done for her anymore, but then, a miracle occurs…



Art: 82/100 <———Typical shoujo art and beautiful, it’s detailed and wonderful

Story: 67/100 <———–Own opinion but there is a story but nothing I’d feel easy to understand

Quality: 75/100 <————Not bad not super good

Overall: 72/100 <———–For shoujo fanatics and teen girls


Long time no see! So I’ve read a lot this weekend.  This manga has definitely good art. Still on-going though. The story is great and there’s a love triangle. Many bishies are appearing so stay tuned. But I wouldn’t call it a reverse harem. Since the reverse harem has some things that has to be contained to be “reverse Harem”. I’ve read the whole thing and the female protagonist is something to look on. She’s interesting and fun. Maybe not like all the others shoujo girl but she’s a perfect girl. Strong enough to protect herself she has a wonderful personality. Recommended for those who like strong female protagonist (caution she’s crying sometimes). I have a grudge against crying shoujo girls but trust me this one is readable.

Switch Girl

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Drama, Romance, Shoujo
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Art: 82/100 <——— When she wears makeup is beautiful but otherwise nah!

Story: 92/100 <——— It’s original and interesting

Quality: 84/100 <———-Fine I guess

Overall: 83/100 <———–Interesting and fun and pretty much like real life, shoujo type!

I found t out about this manga recently and started to read it. The girl protagonist is interesting, but a typical shoujo girl that cries. But she’s strong enough to at least protect herself. It gets a little bit annoying when the girl actually cries that many times. I don’t like girls that cries over a guy that much that’s in my opinion but yeah..This manga is funny and has some humor sense in it. so It’s a manga about a girl that’s actually ugly wears make-up and becomes the most popular person in her school, but a boy that actually handsome wears glasses to hide himself. They both falls in love and so on.  This is much about the school life and how we are today. And I definitely agrees. Because the outside gives the inside a chance, that’s how it is.

Art: 62/100 <————Old old art, muscle sport anime type!

Story: 77/100 <————-Nothing special

Quality: 92/100 <————- Awesome action on field and is unique

Overall: 82/100 <————For those who want to try sports anime for the first time!

So slam dunk was indeed an interesting anime, actually this was my first sports anime I began to watch. This were my reference to try to compare with the other animes. Although I think that the other sports anime were great slam dunk was a big storm for me. The action they show while playing basketball, and some actual playing tactics. And they didn’t do any unreasonable ultimate attacks. I hate sports included with love though, I can’t deny that. The fact doesn’t change that the included love in this. Although this would’ve been better off without love. And the story was amazing and the whole idea. I actually like the calm black-haired guy (forgot his name). He was cool and good at basketball. And the protagonist the red haired guy is very typical sports guy in my opinion, but overall the score is above average.

Taiyou no Uta is a manga is also available in live-action. This manga is extremely sad. The girl has a disease, she can’t go outside because of her disease. Only at night when the sun is down that’s when she’s available to go outside. She likes to sing at that moment. The story is sad and very dramatic. The ending was as well somehow expected. I like already knew that this would happened. But I’ve never read or seen it before. This is not a manga you could cry on, for me it’s really hard to cry while you read. If they made it into (more…)

Cardcaptor Sakura

An amazing anime, includes an amazing story. And it’s an addicting anime. And it’s fun to watch great episodes and the art is quite a bit old for me, but don’t worry the story is awesome. And I would definitely recommend this. Much about mysteries and such. Funny characters and it’s definitely something to brag about that you’ve discovered this anime as well.




One day, Kinomoto Sakura, a 4th grader stumbles upon the mysterious book of Clow. Upon opening it and reading the name of The Windy aloud, Sakura scatters the cards to the winds. Sakura is elected and appointed by Keroberos, Guardian of the Cards to capture the remaining cards. With her friend Tomoyo and rival Syaoran, Sakura begins an adventure that will forever change her.

Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Club

This anime had the greatest protagonist (main lead) the girl called Hana Suzuki. She has this Kiri  in Beauty Pop feel. She likes to eat and such and doesn’t care about boys. The art is a bit old but nothing to really bug on.  And Hana her personality is great, and you can never hate her. And it’s involves love the most and a bit of hockey. I myself think that this manga is awesome. And I really like the characters in it. And it’s so funny too! (more…)