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 Couldn’t find a better picture but I’ve read the first chapter, and I think it’s worth reading! It’s about art from my perspective and reverse harem it seems like 🙂 


Stay tuned for mo info O(^.^)O 


Aruitou is released!

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Manga, Reverse Harem, Romance

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This one is a reverse harem manga 🙂 It’s new realeased yet there’s been many readers 🙂

Great music, and that they actually put in real times composer like Chopin songs in this anime. Reverse harem but focused on music (classical)

Hino Kahoko is a student whose school is divided into two branches – the Normal Branch, in which students wear grey uniforms, and the Music Branch, in which the students wear white. The school’s tradition is a music competition, but it it more common that students from the Music Branch are chosen to compete. Kahoko is surprised one day to encounter a fairy named Lili. Solely because she is the only student to see him is she the only student from the Normal Branch to be in the competition.

Kahoko doesn’t have any musical knowledge, until Lili grants her a magic violin, one that anyone can play if they believe they can truly do it. Kahoko must now face the trials of the competition, her competitors, and her peers.

This is and awesome anime with reverse harem. The bishies in their are quite hot I must confess, but the story was the most awesome!

While the young Angelique lives out her days peacefully in her school, attacks from the monstrous Thanatos has been increasing everywhere else. Two Purifiers show up one day, men with the power to exterminate the Thanatos. One of them, Nyx, attempts to convince Angelique to join them in their work, as she has the power to be the only female Purifier. As Angelique hesitates, a Thanatos shows up in their school. Nyx and the other Purifier, Rayne, fight a losing battle. With her classmates falling prey to the Thanatos, and the Purifiers beaten to submission, Angelique’s desire to save everyone awakens. She became the only female Purifier in their land of Arcadia, the one known as the “Queen’s Egg”.