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Death Note

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Action, Animes, Horror
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Art: 83/100 <———-Unexpected great art.

Story: 99.5/100 <———This is a bit of mind f*ck with the story and super good!

Quality: 82/100<———– Needs a bit of polish

Overall: 90/100 <————Recommended for those who like scary story, mysteries and such!

I watched it recently. To be honest I’ve never watched it until now. Because I wanted to watch the more old animes. They are usually better than the popular ones. But this anime was an exception. The story is super rare, and probably can’t be found anywhere else. I enjoyed this. Bit scary at some parts. I believe that this anime’s protagonist (more…)



Posted: April 26, 2012 in Action, Animes, Horror
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Warning: !A horror anime!


I watched it and it and the story is creative and everything behind it is creative. There’s some scenes that I got freaked out at, but the anime is perfect made and the graphics are wow.

I wouldn’t like small kids to watch this, I really warned you this time.