Kuroshitshuji 2

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Animes
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Art: 84/100

Story: 88/100

Quality: 93/100

Overall: 90/100

So while I’m still writing about kuroshitsuji I’ll take this chance to write about the season 2. I’m not gonna bad-mouth this one but, if you’ve already seen the first season I’d bet you’ll hate season 2. Because the person that were meant to “take” Ciel’s position is crazy like  child. And is scary on a disgusting way. And the butler for him has some similarity with the old butler Sebastian. But he shows no expression. And why I hate the “new” Ciel is because he did something I don’t think that Ciel would do, picking in he’s finger in his own maid’s eye. But I can’t stop comparing these two and I were hoping for the main casts to continue the season 2. Well if you speak of the anime individual it would work fine but this is season 2…


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