Beach Stars!

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Manga
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Beach Stars


Art: 82/100 <——–Great art some ecchi scenes not extremely

Story: 71/100 <——–Unique that they picked beach volleyball

Quality: 91/100 <———-The art is easy to follow!

Overall: 88/100 <———–For those who like sports manga and a fun, clumsy female protagonist

An unexpectedly good manga with great art. About Beach Volleyball contains some ecchi not much totally focused on the sport, do not worry if you hate ecchi you’ll still be able to watch it not much ecchi. A bit of romance I believe.



This is the story of Nanase Iruke. She’s short, tomboyish, and her one joy in life is volleyball. On Iruka’s 17th birthday her Volleyball club is disbanded. Feeling somewhat depressed she and her friends from the club take a trip to the beach and discover Beach volleyball. Iruka cant wait to play and rushes to the court only to be told to give up being a player because of her short stature by the local Volleyball Diva.



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