Posted: May 19, 2012 in Animes, Sport
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Art: 7.5/10 <———Old art still good, detailed

Story:  9./10 <————Really interesting and fun

Quality: 8/10 <——-  The football needs to get polished a little bit more!

Overall: 8.5 <———-Recommended if you like old art and like a bit of childish art too!

So I’ve watched Whistle, it’s very realistic there haven’t been any super shoots so far. And some scenes are “3d” animated I believe. But it’s to childish for me but enjoyable such as Gakuen Alice. The voices are a bit uncomfortable. I would actually wish for the voices to scream at some parts since the voices doesn’t have a naturally feel to it. The dribbling are very realistic so are the strategies. Still wished that the protagonist started of with being not so lousy at soccer, but it’s very fun to see how he’s upgrading each time and each episode.


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